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Signs of Attraction From Women

Continuing with the no fluff, no bullshit content tradition here at Zeduction, I want to talk to you about something too many people underestimate.


English: English model Jasmine Sinclair.

Yes, women are crazy creatures that can drive you mad at times but YOU CAN ALWAYS CONTROL THE OUTCOME. (One of my favorite Move Lines of all time from Never Back Down)


READING WOMEN. There are so many signs of attraction and contrarily signs of disinterest that I can’t stress on this enough. Get good at reading the signs of attraction from women and chances are you’ll know exactly when to crack that funny joke, when to give her a hug and when to go for that kiss, you’ve wanting to go for the whole time.

Time to get dirty.

There are many signs of attraction from women, all the time, everywhere. You just need to observe. Not just look casually but observe carefully. Notice those signs of attraction and BAM, REACT accordingly. This allows you to lead the conversation where YOU want it to go and always control the outcome of the situation.

Before I go any further though, understand this: Reading signs of attraction from women is not an exact science. It takes a lot of trial and error, experimentation and focus but once you get good at it, it’s quite close to being magical.

Signs of attraction from women are present in varied forms. Most of the time though, specific signs of attraction from women will generally mean the same thing. For eg.- A woman applying lipstick right in front of you, does not really mean anything, even if she’s leaning into you or contrarily leaning away from you.

People often tend to mistake a sign such as this as a sign of attraction but sometime we are prone to reading too much into things. Rest assured, signs of attraction like these don’t mean much.

The pickup community often refers to signs of attraction from women as IOIs or Indicators of Interest. Basically the same thing. Common signs of attraction from women would be something along the lines of her sitting legs wide open and uncrossed at a slight angle to you, with her head and arms tilted towards you. Her mirroring your actions. Even though she’s not mirroring at a subconscious level, that is a huge sign of interest.

You want to read those signs of attraction and from women and react accordingly. If suddenly, the woman crosses her arms and legs, it means whatever you’re talking about, change the topic. You’re encroaching her territory and making her feel uncomfortable.

Now I could go on and on about different signs of attraction from women and reading them to gain an advantage but one article won’t be enough for that. I’d have to write a whole book on it.


This alone will help you read the signs of attraction from women so much better. When you’re making eye contact, she will respond back. When you make eye contact, you have a much better focus on her subconsciously. This enables you, in turn, to read her better.

The concept of reading signs of attraction from women and then using them to your advantage is not a new one. It’s been there for years. It’s only natural that guys do whatever they can to get an edge. The only way to get good at reading these signs is to go out there and experiment and practice. Simply sitting at home and reading a ton of stuff won’t get you anywhere. This stuff is merely to guide you.


This particular topic is too much to cover in 1 post alone, so I’ll break it down into a series of posts.

Be on the lookout. I’ll be posting much more on signs of attraction from women soon.

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  1. Just read your blog a couple of days ago and I must say I am very impressed by the quality of posts on this blog. I have worked as a pick up artist and dating coach for over 6 years and these signs of attraction from women are spot on!

    keep up the good work and content coming to this site.

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thank you for taking your time and commenting here. It’s good to know that even veteran pick up artists find the advice on our blog worthy. :)

    We do try and keep things around here fresh and will keep updating with new stuff. Do come back and read!


  3. All this while I was thinking that the signs of attraction from women aren’t really that important. Boy, was I wrong. This article really resonates with me. I know, that I need to incorporate more body language into my game now. Thanks for this. Will start going out tonight and start looking for those signs of attraction. Hopefully, with more practice, I will get good at this :D

  4. Hi Rafae,

    Thanks for your comment. Signs of attraction are important. Many guys really mess up their game when they don’t recognize these signs and end up making the wrong moves.

    Yes do practice and come back and let us know of your progress! :)


  5. I like how this blog is not about main stream pick up but the advice here is presented in a simple and understandable manner without all the pick up mumbo jumbo haha

    it is crucial to spot signs of attraction from women and as you pointed sometimes I find myself reading too much where i try and decode each and every move she makes. this is a really touch position to be in so i would advice that although you should be looking for signs of attraction from women – don’t go all crazy about it.

    overall an amazing article though..thanks

  6. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment here.

    Yes I do try and keep it simple and understandable for everyone.

    And you are right about spotting signs of attraction – it is an important aspect to be taken into consideration but a lot of guys stress to much on this and they end up making the wrong move or worse they get paralyzed and make no move at all.

  7. hey dude there is some pretty cool tips here. i hav been in and out of the pua world for a while now and this has to be one of the better articles on signs of attraction.

    i still sometimes f*ck up when it comes to recognizing signs of attraction, hopefully this will help out.


  8. Thanks a lot for dropping by!

    I am glad that this article on signs of attraction helped you.

    If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer. :)


  9. I think you’re an expert in this subject. Have subbed to your feed. Will continue reading. Really like the writing style and the content cuz most of what you say Jay makes a lot of sense to me.

  10. I discovered exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt to find the right attraction signs that women give out. Was at a club last nite and didn’t know what the hell to do. This gave me some good pointers.

    Thanks for that.

  11. Spotting and acting on sings of attraction from women is very important.

    As a dating coach and a pick up artist for 3 years i can say this article was spot on. good job. do let me know if you need a guest post. I am willing to share my experience as a pua with the readers of this blog.

  12. Thanks for the comment!

    I will get in touch with you shortly about the guest post. We would love to have you write about your experience with women on this blog.

  13. good article on reading signs of attraction.

    been reading this blog for a while. Are you from argentina?

  14. Man, am I glad I found this. Came at a good time for me when I was giving up on girls and attracting them. hahaha.

    Reignited the fire baby. imma go hardcore pickup now. start reading body language and signs starting tommorow.

  15. This is rellay true, and rellay good stuff, i’ve wo/manifested increasingly more and more fulfilling relationships and ideal partners by focusing on how the previous one(s) was better than the one before it, and so on! I’ve grown very confident and efficient at this. I know that my next girlfriend will be even better with me than my current one. I just need to do this with my financial life.

  16. One of the biggest mysteries to crack since immemorial time is female psychology. Guys are always trying to find techniques how to attract women.In recent years, men have thought that they should have big muscles and a lot of money in order to make women want them. In fact, this has been the theme communicated by most media outlets. Whether online or on TV, you see men projected to become people with muscles and money. That’s generally considered Alpha.

  17. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was very good. Keep up the good content and Im sure this site will head in great directions. Cheers!!!

  18. I’m curious to find out what blog platform you’re utilizing?
    I’m having some minor security problems with my latest site and I would like to find something more safeguarded. Do you have any solutions?

  19. I’m using WordPress and it seems to be fine so far. Security issues are probably more to do with your Web Host itself.

  20. I read this article recently regarding the growing rise of physical attraction between men and women where they had quantified some of these things, actually. Can’t seem to find it now. Damn

  21. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates. Starting a blog of my own now that I have garnered a little bit of a twitter following.


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